Test Technology & Services

In addition to our full-scale manufacturing facilities in Hiroshima and Kyushu, we have a full-scale manufacturing site in Taiwan where many semiconductor manufacturers are located, to meet the diverse needs of our customers and provide an extensive range of equipment including testers for performing the optimal tests. We also have an office in the U.S. to handle requests from around the world.

Tera Probe offers comprehensive turnkey services ranging from wafer testing and final testing to development of test solutions to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Turnkey services

Tera Probe provides comprehensive services including back-end process of semiconductor manufacturing to further reduce investment risks.

Reliable technical capabilities

We provide a wide variety of testing
solutions in both hardware and

Global development

In addition to Japan, we also conduct operations in Taiwan, the center of semiconductor manufacturing today.
We're using the technical skills we fostered in Japan throughout the world.

Extensive lineup of testers

We provide reliability through
extensive lineup of testers.

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